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ABC Bakery

ABC is a Chinese bakery which offers different kinds of pastry and buns.

Call: (916)-421-4259

Tuesday – Sunday: 7:00am – 4:00pm
Closed Mondays

Omg…why watering deliciousness 😋.

My daughter took me here to try this amazing food. It’s a small place in a shopping center…don’t let that fool you.

It’s to go only…the staff is so kind and wonderful…but they zip through the orders because they don’t want you waiting too long…

We ordered bbq pork buns…shrimp dumplings…fried pork dumplings and pork dumplings Sui Mai.

Ok..the pork buns are the best I’ve tried. The bread is so soft with a little sweetness…COUPLED with the bbq meat in the middle….I could eat these every day.

The shrimp dumplings were interesting. I’ve never tried these before. It has a whole shrimp inside with other stuff. The dumpling part is fresh and soft. I would order them again.

The fried pork dumplings were good. The meat had great flavor…mmm

The Sui mai…to die for. They are big for the price. The meat is so good…I could eat so many of these.

I for sure recommend this place.


So delicious, and a crazy-big variety! Pork Bao, Hot Dog Bun, Pineapple Bun…. All so good. Looking forward to ordering something different every time.


Where is the sixth star button. This place is a gem!
Bring cash but you won’t need much as the prices are very reasonable and the only thing better is the tasty savory pastries. Can not recommend the hot dog bun enough!!


Arrived at 7AM and door was already open and no waiting line. Staff are friendly and helpful and efficient. Order was taken and then repeated to ensure understanding. Upon checkout the order was again repeated and I added a few extra items. Tab was reasonable as I bought enough for a family of 4 along with extra for snacks. Both baked and steam char siu bao were excellent and tasty. The siu mai and har how were excellent and pastry wrappers held ingredients together. The red bean sesame ball was tasty and not overly sweet. The egg custard was still warm so you can eat warm or place in refrigerator to chill. Either is fine and again just right level of flavor and sweetness. The egg custard crust was flaky.


Love love love this bakery! The service here is fast and the ladies are very friendly & attentive. There can be a wait but you know its all worth it. Everything they have here is worth trying but my faves are their pork buns and red bean mochi.


All the Buns taste good and fresh. The favorites are the Bbq buns and my fav is the Hot Dog Bun. It reminds me of a pig in a blanket but way better. We are always in there for their bun but once in a while we will get a few steam bun and pasty. Yes they do have a long line. I think almost all food place I go to have a line 🤣. But its not that bad so please wait you will like them. 3💜


Absolutely delicious and worth the drive over here. The baked buns are something I’ve not been able to find anywhere else. The bbq pork is insanely good and the chicken curry was phenomenal. I could eat 4 or 5 of the baked buns in one sitting and be perfectly content with how stuffed I would be. Best bakery I’ve ever been to.


ABC Bakery has the best baked and steamed bun in Sacramento. They are so affordable at around a dollar and change each. While I was there, I also tried their dim sum, which was pretty good as well. If you’re in the area, be sure to check them out!


Delicious authentic Asian Bakery. Many choices, super fresh – like straight out of the steamer! We got shrimp shumai, pork buns, and chicken buns, and a sweet melon cookie. There was a long line but it went super fast, so don’t be deterred. It is a little hidden in the parking lot, kind of in the back of the shopping center.


We went there today and saw the newly remodeled and expanded bakery. Of course there was a line of about 15 people, but they are so efficient we were helped in no time at all. SO many choices besides their famous bao. I got 2 baked char sui Bao, 2 fried bao (footballs) and 2 sesame balls. My BF got 3 hargow and 3 sui mai all for $12! We ate all of it in the car on our way to the Delta. The perfect Saturday morning breakfast.


They have the best and freshest Chinese baked goods here and some dim sum. Love the baked pork bun and rice noodle here! Can’t get it anywhere else this good!!! Please support same business!!!


This place is a gem. Best BBQ pork buns hands down. This place started out small but has expanded due to their popularity. Usually come in from Bay Area and leave with a dozen to take home. Consistent taste, size and generous with the meat filling. Repeated many times.


The food is amazing. Best dimsum in Sacramento. If they have a drive through, it would be super awesome. They constantly have long lines because of their good food. The servers are very fast pace and amazing memories in memorizing long orders, The food! Awesome!


ABC is a Sacramento institution, serving the area’s best bao, other Chinese baked goods, and dim sum. We usually buy a dozen char siu (bbq pork) bao, and eat ’em up over a couple of days. I also love the pineapple bao, which is actually a custard-filled bao. They also make a sweet It’s a terrific place for some of the best (and cheap!) dim sum fare in town. I’ve seen other reviews that rate it as the best Hong Kong-style bakery in town, and I believe them.


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